What Holistic Dentistry Protects You From: The Dangers of Fluoride

holistic natural or alternative medicine symbol.Have you ever went to the dentist and been given a fluoride rinse? Or perhaps you have seen your child do this. But is fluoride OK to put inside your body? Almost all holistic dentists agree: fluoride is truly dangerous. It is especially dangerous for younger patients, despite that fact that you may hear claims to the opposite. Despite that, it is also used extensively in traditional dentistry. Holistic dentistry, however, is different. Read on to learn more.

Dangers for Young Patients

Holistic dentists are fully aware of the dangers of fluoride, especially for young patients. Just a few health concerns that have been linked to fluoride in several studies include:

  • Problems with male fertility in the future;
  • Issues with cognition and even brain damage;
  • A vastly lowered IQ after exposure;
  • The onset of puberty at an age that is too early;
  • Lessened thyroid function;
  • Increase of the risk for arthritis or other potential joint issues;
  • Increase in bone fragility (especially of the hipbone) in older adults.
  • Build-up of dangerous toxins in the body, all of which the body cannot process.

What is Fluoride Used For?

So what is fluoride used for in dentistry? In everywhere but holistic dentistry clinics, fluoride can be found in rinses that are said to strengthen the teeth. Sadly, they can often do the opposite. Not to mention the fact that they can hinder the development of your children in a huge way. Toothpastes may also have fluoride listed amongst the ingredients. Or a wide variety of mouth washes and rinses might contain fluoride. The only way to tell for sure is to read the label. Even if you make your own toothpaste and mouth rinse, fluoride might be found in your tap water in the US!

Why Holistic Density is Different

As mentioned above, just one reason that natural dentistry is different is because fluoride is not used in our practice. Other toxins, like mercury, are also totally avoided. Why? Because we know that the buildup in toxins in your body can negatively affect your health in a plethora of ways. And it only gets worse as you age and more and more toxins buildup in your body. Holistic dentistrylooks at how every aspect of your life effects oral health. What we use to help you in our clinic is also something that we take into account in your overall health, too.

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