Interior Barn Door Guide

home barn doorSliding barn doors, or just barn doors for short, were originally just found on barns. It was nearly ten years since barn doors were on barns, and they have certainly changed in the last decade. Just think of how phones have evolved, and you might have an idea about barn doors have changed over the years. Let start at the beginning to catch you up.

Part 1 – Ten Years Ago
We are not sure who did it first, but we know that farmers were the one first to start using barn doors in the house in some of the most intelligent ways. Word of mouth spread as fast as your expect and before long you are seeing the upper class use sliding doors to divide and hide rooms. Once this happened then, everyone wanted a piece of this impressive and stylish doors.

Part 2 – Three Questions
There were three questions that anyone who was looking at sliding doors in the last ten years has been asked and it is of dire significant in the evolution of how barn doors went from the barns to your home:

Q1: What are you trying to cover up or divide?
Q2: If you want an “NO BOTTOM TRACK” system, do you have sufficient structural support from above to hold the sliding door panels?
Q3: What are you going for regarding style?

Part 3 – Not Just For Barns Or Homes
That is right! Your office is perfect for sliding doors ( and we are not talking about the electric ones at the entrance ) to help open up space. Barn doors, unlike your typical doors, hug the walls and slide open. This means that they take up no floors space beside maybe a few inches compared to the average nine square feet that traditional doors that up.

Part 4 – Functional and Practical
Outside of the many uses that we have to discuss already, there are hundreds of more that are yet to be created. One of the most interesting that I have seen some do was have the back of their barn door built out of a whiteboard meaning that you could jot down things.

Part 5 – Now You Choose
Now you know everything that you will ever need to know about sliding doors. The only thing that you need to do now is choosing which one of the thousands of style of barn doors that you want.


The Top-Notch Custom Sliding Closet Door Company

home sliding door in closetKNR Sliding Doors is the number one company in understanding what its clients need and meeting their demands within the shortest period time, with the greatest variety of choices and the finest quality on the market. We offer a number of sliding door types such as room dividers, barn doors, closet doors and pocket doors. Whatever door you chooses, you can be sure that you will receive 100% custom sliding doors of the most reliable quality.

Here at KNR Sliding Door, we have one rule that no staff member is allowed to break under no circumstances. We offer our clients sliding doors, we would have installed in our own places. The solutions you receive in KNR Sliding Doors are guaranteed to be fully customized and unique so that the doors can suit any interior design and fit into any place of your choice. Just set us a goal and we will achieve it for you, offering the custom sliding closet doors that others can only dream of. Visit our office or call us, give a hint about what kind of sliding doors you want or where it should be  – we will immediately come up with a number of choices.

Sliding Closet Doors

Now you do not have to break your head over the eternal question how to hide all your stuff in a closet and not to clutter your room with numerous closets. There is ultimately right solution – sliding closet doors. It will not only help you cover the track of your wardrobe and other extremely necessary things, but also will either visually expand or enhance the image of the room.

Room Dividers

If you are wavering over space usage in one room, the dividers can do you great good. With their help, you can make use of every inch of the apartment and divide it into different zones. Now it is only up to you how your room will look today – will it be a romantic bedroom or a place to meet with friends at a coffee table.

Pocket Doors

Sliding pocket doors is, probably, the most customizable type of sliding doors. Whatever is your goal, KNR Sliding Doors can easily meet it. Besides great functionality options, you will have a chance to opt for a material, mechanism and frame for the pocket doors that will be proudly top off your interior.

Barn Doors

With barn doors becoming more and more popular in the interior design, KNR offers an immense number of options for you to choose from. In case you need to close an opening and there are some restrictions for a regular swing door or a pocket one, then barn door is the best choice for you. It is quick to install, easy to use and just great to look at. KNR Sliding Doors can also offer you an option of integrating your own barn door tracks to our doors.