What Holistic Dentistry Protects You From: The Dangers of Fluoride

holistic natural or alternative medicine symbol.Have you ever went to the dentist and been given a fluoride rinse? Or perhaps you have seen your child do this. But is fluoride OK to put inside your body? Almost all holistic dentists agree: fluoride is truly dangerous. It is especially dangerous for younger patients, despite that fact that you may hear claims to the opposite. Despite that, it is also used extensively in traditional dentistry. Holistic dentistry, however, is different. Read on to learn more.

Dangers for Young Patients

Holistic dentists are fully aware of the dangers of fluoride, especially for young patients. Just a few health concerns that have been linked to fluoride in several studies include:

  • Problems with male fertility in the future;
  • Issues with cognition and even brain damage;
  • A vastly lowered IQ after exposure;
  • The onset of puberty at an age that is too early;
  • Lessened thyroid function;
  • Increase of the risk for arthritis or other potential joint issues;
  • Increase in bone fragility (especially of the hipbone) in older adults.
  • Build-up of dangerous toxins in the body, all of which the body cannot process.

What is Fluoride Used For?

So what is fluoride used for in dentistry? In everywhere but holistic dentistry clinics, fluoride can be found in rinses that are said to strengthen the teeth. Sadly, they can often do the opposite. Not to mention the fact that they can hinder the development of your children in a huge way. Toothpastes may also have fluoride listed amongst the ingredients. Or a wide variety of mouth washes and rinses might contain fluoride. The only way to tell for sure is to read the label. Even if you make your own toothpaste and mouth rinse, fluoride might be found in your tap water in the US!

Why Holistic Density is Different

As mentioned above, just one reason that natural dentistry is different is because fluoride is not used in our practice. Other toxins, like mercury, are also totally avoided. Why? Because we know that the buildup in toxins in your body can negatively affect your health in a plethora of ways. And it only gets worse as you age and more and more toxins buildup in your body. Holistic dentistrylooks at how every aspect of your life effects oral health. What we use to help you in our clinic is also something that we take into account in your overall health, too.

3 Intelligent Reasons To Make Your Own Toothpaste

homemade toothpasteYou can’t really trust toothpaste makers to avoid using toxic chemicals. Instead of relying on profit-driven companies, why not make your own toothpaste so you can be absolutely certain.

But is making your own toothpaste really necessary? The answer, clearly, is yes.

First, you need to make a fluoride-free toothpaste of your own to avoid SLS. A surfactant that’s included in many products to break surface tension and lead to better cleaning, SLS is one of those things that doesn’t cause any adverse reaction in some people. In others, it can cause sensitivity, allergies, the worsening of canker sores and extreme dryness of the mouth. It can also irritate the skin and other tissues.

Second, you need to get your teeth clean somehow to preserve overall health. Some people who don’t like chemical toothpastes might decide to just forget brushing altogether. But that’s a bad idea. The bacteria that forms in your mouth is the same kind that causes some types of heart disease, so you want to keep your mouth clean to keep this bacteria out of your body.

Third, you need to do what you can to maintain a healthy pH. Most homemade toothpaste recipes are designed to maintain optimal pH. That’s not the case with chemical toothpastes. When you neutralize acid, you prevent the destruction of some tooth structures, and that improves your overall mouth health and keeps your teeth from decaying as rapidly, among other things.

When you consider these three reasons, it’s easy to see how making your own toothpaste is superior to depending on an imperfect chemical toothpaste from some faceless manufacturing company that you can’t hold accountable very well if something goes wrong because of it.

For the sake of yourself and your family, make your own toothpaste. These three reasons just scratch the surface of all the potential benefits from homemade toothpaste.

Cast Aside Your Fear Of The Dentist With A Free Dental Exam

dental symbolGet your new year off to a sensible start by casting aside your fears of going to the dentist and any fears you might have about needing serious dental treatment and participate in a free dental consultations day offered as a community service by San Diego’s Brighton Dental. Please honor our practice by participating in this day, and we will show honor in return by treating you with the respect and dignity that is lacking from so many dental offices.

We know that many people have had unpleasant experienced with dentists. We also understand that the longer you put off dental treatment, the more you fear it. But in reality, you probably don’t have as many problems as you think you do. When New Year’s Day 2015 rolls around, forget about any of those fears and let Dr. Daniel Vinograd assess your situation and recommend a treatment plan that can give you back your life and your peace of mind.

Many dental groups, including the American Dental Association, recommend dental visits every six months. But for many in the San Diego area, it has been much longer than that. Make 2015 the year you get your dental health back on track and seriously improve your overall health too.

During your free consultation, we will gently examine:

  • your teeth and mouth as a whole.
  • your jaw, and
  • your head and neck.

The goal is to see what problems are present and learn how we can treat them best for you. With a treatment plan determined, if needed, you can decide for yourself whether to move forward. Just remember that dental health is exceptionally important for overall health.

Please don’t allow this opportunity for a complimentary dental exam to pass. Contact us now at Brighton Dental in San Diego by visiting our website or calling (619) 640-5100. We consider it a privilege to serve you.


Professionals Stress Benefits For Those Who Want Botox

Woman giving botox injections.Medical professionals desire to help their patients, but sometime doctors and other medical pros lose track of how to do that. That’s when they start offering a variety of sidelines that no one wants. But there’s a large interest in Botox injections these days, and Botox training (see our course page – 2014- online botox training for physicians, nurses, dentists & other qualified medical professionals) is quick and simple for doctors, dentists and others to acquire.

To current clients interested in this sideline, many doctors are stressing the wide array of youth-enhancing benefits. For example, Botox injections require very little downtime. Improving the look of someone’s face doesn’t necessarily mean they will miss any of their work or school. While other age-defying procedures can leave a lot of swelling and redness, that’s not the case with safe and easy-to-inject Botox.
Also, treatments are very quick. That’s good for patients and for practitioners trying to make the most of their Botox training in their few minutes of downtime between other patients. There really isn’t any other kind of cosmetic procedure that’s as quick as Botox.

And the results can be amazing. While a client won’t see as much immediate impact as with other kinds of treatments, the results keep getting better and better over the first 10 days or so. And frozen face syndrome, once common when people got Botox, isn’t at all likely with today’s skilled Botox professionals.

The results for patients can last three or four months and get better with repeated use. Some people get up to nine months of benefit from their Botox injections.

So what’s not to like about Botox administered by someone who has been through proper Botox training? It’s a winning deal with the customer and for the medical professional who administers it. In fact, it’s easy for medical pros to stress the benefits of something as inherently beneficial as Botox.

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Use Use Know Best To Excel In Business

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Are you bored from staying within your house all of that time period? Would you in order to expose your child to music, movement and socializing? Anyone certainly might be considering taking a Mommy ‘n Me fashion. Also called “Parent and Child” or “Parent and Tot” courses, these sessions will stimulate your child’s cognitive growth, improve vocabulary and promote bonding. It is a great technique add some spice your child’s life. With 82,000 children under the age of 5 surviving in San Diego, there are extensive classes one could use. Here are a few to pick.

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San Diego Coupons And Discounts: Great Method To Save

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